Childbirth Awareness - Childbirth Awareness specializes in safe home births since 1983. We make every attempt to provide you with high quality, personalized, and comprehensive care. We monitor the technical aspects of pregnancy carefully to be sure that you remain in a low risk category for home delivery. We care about you as a person and about your experience in pregnancy and childbirth. Call us for a free interview.
Thank you for taking such good care of me and baby throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery. You brought me peace and strength at a most vulnerable time and enabled a birth without regret or fear. Katie

Bill and Karen, It is hard to express how grateful we are to you both. You are definitely amazing at what you do. Having a home birth was a very healthy healing experience for us. Thank you for your dedication to us and your ability to create and hold a peaceful loving trusting space.  Jenny
Thank you so much for your calm countenances...It truly made all the difference. We really appreciate both of you. I appreciate your patience! Thanks for making my labor enjoyable. I am forever thankful!  Cindy 
Bill Dwelley was the best! He was strong with good humor. He was caring and open to learn about me and helped me find my way through my pregnancy and through the birthing process. I trusted him completely and have very fond memories of the pregnancy and birth. I highly recommend him to any new mama.  Jennifer
As a young midwife and a young mother of three precious babies born at home, I have been so grateful for Bill's experience, confidence, and availability these last 10 years. Bill is there when you need him. He is highly qualified and experienced and professional. His wife, Karen is a very kind, attentive, empathetic, and skilled assistant. Having our babies safely at home are treasured memories for all of us.  Hope
I had two water births at home with Bill Dwelley in 2008 and 2013. Both of them were amazing and positive experiences. Bill has been wonderful at every check up. He was very caring. Bill is a wealth of information. During my second birth, Bill has been working together with his wife, Karen. They are a great team. When I was pregnant with my second baby, a boy, we lived in Denver at the time. We have moved especially to Ridgway to have a baby with Bill's assistance. For most of the people I know, the childbirth was such a difficult if not terrible process. And my experience was totally 180 degrees different. It was a celebration and real first birthday of my children. The big part of it was Bill's help and his presence.  Yuliya
Bill and Karen, Thank you so much for your excellent services to us over this special time! It was a pleasure working with you!  Sharon
Dear Bill and Karen, We want to thank you for all of your care and love through the pregnancy and birth of our little one. It has been such a special experience for us, and can not tell you enough how much we appreciate all the nurturing support your have provided along the way.  Megan
Bill and Karen, We just wanted to take the time out to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care throughout our birthing experience. We genuinely felt loved and supported throughout and that gift, in such a time, is priceless. You have forever imprinted a place on our hearts.  Kelly
Bill and Karen, Your flexibility with our plans and circumstances has been amazing. I have been so grateful for everything you have done for us. Your recommendations, knowledge, and advice have always been correct, loving, and helpful. I don't know if any other provider has cared about me and my family as much as you two have. I could go on and on! All your clients are incredibly lucky to have you, even if they don't realize it! Jordin

Dearest Bill, Thank you so much for being the best midwife I could dream about. We appreciated that you helped us to understand and experience an amazing home birth. We will never forget that day in our life. We love you forever.  Ghenya